all fashion bloggers, well majority, have posted a 'contents' post. I think they're pretty neat, seeing as how you can pretty much figure a woman by what's in her purse. But mine's telling you about me, a girl. How it gives you a 'sense of Caitlin'. haha

Deux Lux bag from UO, berry chapstick, LG Dare, outdated Ipod, crumpled subscription card from Nylon (swear those things are EVERYWHERE), bobby pins, gym lock key, eyeliner, Bad Gal Mascara from Benefit, Rosebud Salve lip balm, Galaxy eyeshadow from Two Face (visually entertaining!), sample size of Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb perfume, roll on of Clinique Happy, wallet (came with an issue of Vogue Nippon - love the print...& freebies!), Smashbox mini lip gloss (not to big of a fan on lip gloss, but I always carry it for some reason...), Cargo On-the-Go lip gloss sticks, imitation Wayfarers from UO, and a messy case of cream eyeshadow

...I feel lame...!

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  1. Wow, your purse is totally cool. Yeah, it DOES give a sense of Caitlin! xD Items are very nice.


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